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This is the first baby post, and I feel very excited to share and write in this category because this is the stage in one’s life when most of your friends are either expecting or having babies. I hope this simple activity is useful and enjoyable for your baby.

I want to start with this quote, full of knowledge:


“The first five years have so much

To do with how the next 80 turn out”

Bill Gates


The first year of life is a period of big changes and progress for the child development. It’s a special year, because it will carry the foundation necessary for acquiring more abilities and complex skills. Development is a continuous process and has a certain sequence that children should go through. However, parents should remember that every child is unique. It’s not a competition; every stage of your child’s growth is different and unique from the next. It’s not about comparing your child to other children; every child just needs to follow the basic guidelines, which is be healthy and progressing.

As a parent you must take advantage of this period of their life, when their brains are in the stage of grasping everything that surrounds them and that will influence them significantly during this period of their life. Observe your baby’s development and practice activities to maximize their learning capacities.

One of these groups of activities that improve your child’s capacity is called Sensory Games. There are a lot of Sensory Games; but in this occasion we are sharing one that is suitable for 6 months up. Usually at this age the baby can sit up and can hang objects.

Special thanks to my friend Ginette, who kindly accept the challenge to present new activities for her daughter Iara. This week we are sharing the first activity that Iara did.

Iara is a serene girl, very calm as her mom described her. Ginette got really impressed after seeing Iara have so much fun. This is her report: “After introducing her in the playtime moment with the kitchen utensils and colors, I noticed in her a big excitement. She was thrilled every time she touched or launched the objects that I placed in front of her. She was so happy, wanting to explore more every object and touching the rice. She really enjoyed the textures, I never imagined that this simple activity would bring so much happiness and learning to her life”.

 John Dewey said it, “Education is not the preparation for life, its life itself”, and babies are more interested in materials from “real life”. Take advantage of this and let’s play!

For this activity you will need:

1. Big colorful objects, example



2. Container with rice



3. A baby ready to have fun <3



  1. As you see in the picture, put everything together and let your baby introduce the hands in the container moving the objects.
  2. Remember this is a moment for exploration; they need to touch and feel objects that are soft, hard, squishy, smooth or furry. Make sure they are also safe to go into the mouth.
  3. Play with your baby, laugh and make sounds of happiness and surprise to show the child they have done a good job, they will connect that this short moments of learning, can truly be fun and easy to enjoy without feeling forced to learn.





I hope you have fun,



Massiel C.





Text: Massiel Cabrera

Edited and revised by: Natalia Aybar & Jennifer Herrera

Pictures: Ginette Báez

Web support: Christian Castillo

Production: Massiel Cabrera






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