Toddler’s books guidelines

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  I want to read to my baby, but how to start? Some parents are so excited to introduce their kids to reading, But sometimes they think their kids are still little to take care of books or understand what’s … Continued

Matching objects for toddlers

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Toddlers are capable of doing lots of things, usually at this stage they tend to show more interest in all the things you use the most and they try to do most of the things by themselves. Just remember that your … Continued

Reading activities calendar for February

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Here is the February edition of the reading activities thanks to, these activities are suitable from 0 to 5 years old. I hope you have a great month of learning and understanding with your kids. Massiel C.

Hand strengthening activity

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These easy Hand Exercises For Kids are designed to help kids improve their fine motor skills or to help them if they have weak hand muscles. Why it is so important to do this kind of activities? Because when the hand muscles are … Continued

Let’s classify!

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  I wanted to start this post with toddlers, such a beautiful age, full of energy and enthusiasm. The truth is, a few weeks ago I did a few pictures for my master’s degree portfolio, modeling learning strategies for kids … Continued