Maternity starter kit

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          First of all, if you just got pregnant congratulations for this new adventure and blessing coming to your life! If you are planning to get pregnant this post is for you also.

Breakfast Egg muffin recipe

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    Keeping the idea of healthy and easy to do food, here is a must in your life: Egg muffins. It’s cheap, natural and delicious, especially for picky eaters. You can add as many ingredients you like. I tried … Continued

No baking cheesecake recipe

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Easiest cheesecake ever, there is no need to talk a lot about it. Just keep in mind that we are trying to reduce calories and sugar, but keeping all the delicious flavors. For sure, this is the one!

For Salmon lovers

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Summer is almost over, all year it’s a good time to eat a good Salmon, but usually in Summertime is all about BBQ and backyard grills. If this is your case, give it a last try in these weeks and … Continued

Summer Chicken recipe

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Baked chicken breasts rolled with ham and mozzarella topped with tomato sauce and cheddar cheese. A dish the whole family will love! Since making chicken can sometimes get boring, here is a simple recipe, perfect for your summer family gatherings. … Continued

Celebrate Earth day with food!

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Most of the people consume when they’re feeling under the weather. I hate it when I’m sick because I can’t enjoy the delicious and tasty flavors of the ingredients. This recipe is one of  the many soups that I love. … Continued

Celebrating the Chinese New year!

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  One way of learning is being in touch with what is happening in other cultures. The Chinese community celebrates their new year, starting today February 19th, and celebrations spread over a week. Among various activities that we recommend to … Continued

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