Fun learning ideas for February

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Already February! that was fast!! welcome to our fun learning ideas for your family. We hope you and your kids had an awesome time in January! We wish you a great month!

Educcorner is a space that wants to promote family unity and create unique memories with your children. The purpose of this calendar is to provide a fun learning ideas for all family members, natural to perform. Every week we will share links and resources that can help you realize these activities in the best way.

First week (1-6)

Monday 1:

Tuesday 2:

Wednesday 3:

Thursday 4:

Friday 5:

Saturday 6:

Second week: (7-13)

Sunday 7:

Monday 8:

Tuesday 9:

Wednesday 10:

Thursday 11:

Friday 12:

Saturday 13:


Third week:

Sunday 14:

Monday 15:

Tuesday 16:

Wednesday 17:

Thursday 18:

Friday 19:

Saturday 20:


Fourth week:

Sunday 21:

Monday 22:

Tuesday 23:

Wednesday 24:

Thursday 25:

Friday 26:

Saturday 27:

Sunday 28:

Monday 29:



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