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A few days ago I was talking to a friend who has a 9 month old baby. She was very concerned about what activities she could do with her baby, and that’s why she preferred to have her in pre-school. But the problem is that most pre-schools accept babies when they’re 1-year-old.

It’s very common for moms to get overwhelmed, because they don’t feel secure  about what they are doing with their babies. There are tons of easy activities that you can plan and schedule, covering these areas: Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills, Cognitive, Speech, Sensory, Self-care and Social- emotional skills, just to mention a few highlights, it would take another post to talk about all of them. So we are going to divide this post into two parts.

If you need video examples and full explanation visit and download their app for an educational guide.


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From the beginning:


1. Read and then read some more. Start when you are pregnant, they can hear your sweet voice from the belly and they can get ready for those moments of reading. Here is a guide of soft books that you can find on amazon from 0-12 months.



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Note that these books are designed for different ages (the ones targeting older babies have a bit more of a storyline, etc.). Here are the guidelines for all of the different books in the series as given on the packaging:


0m+ Panda’s Pals

0m+ How do I Feel?

6m+ Peek-a-Boo Forest

6m+ Emily’s Day

6m+ Farm Sounds

6m+ Little Big Top Circus

12m+ The Tale of Sir-Prance-a-lot

12m+ Captain Calamari’s Treasure Hunt

12m+ Baby on the Go

18m+ Counting Zoo

18m+ Captain Calamari’s Color Adventure


2. Gross motor skills: Babies have limited muscle strength, at the beginning they require  support for the head. These exercises will help their motor gross development from 0-12 months:


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-Eye movement following objects
-Head lift
-Kicking objects
-Lifting the hands
-Bending arms
-Bending legs
-Bicycle movement
-Moving side to side
-Moving forward
-Crawling step by step
-Crawling through obstacles
-Sitting up and down
-Turning head side to side
-Manipulating small and big toys.
-Overcoming obstacles
-Pushing and pulling
-Reaching objects
-Standing up
-Walking with assistance
-Walking alone


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3. Fine motor skills: The goal is to grabs/ grasp with their fingers or something with the hands for a few seconds. These exercises will help their fine motor development from 0-12 months:

-Banging objects
-Build a tower
-Dropping object in a container
-Finger painting
-Grabbing and handling
-Inserting objects
-Heavy and light objects
-One hand to the other
-Opening and closing boxes
-Playing with fingers
-Pulling and removing objects
-Top on/ Top off
-Pointing with the finger
-Playing the Piano

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I hope you start your own learning plan with your baby and have fun, next time we will talk about Cognitive, speech, and sensory exercises.




Text: Massiel Cabrera

Model: Aarón Rancier

Source: Baby Sparks

Editing: Natalia Aybar

Web support: Christian Castillo

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