Benefits of reading aloud

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Dear teacher, the beginning of the school year is the perfect moment for you to plant the seed for a reading habit to start growing. Some kids will fall in love sooner than others. It’s all about finding the right book.

Looking back at my teaching years, no kid resisted their excitement when it was time for reading aloud (usually a chapter book) or reading aloud picture books that I used to dramatize. All those little moments build the foundation for strong readers, who literally loved a moment of quiet reading and shared reading with the group, alike.
Besides your students enjoyment when you read aloud, there is a list of benefits that I would like to share with you.

The values of reading aloud:


1. Involves children in reading for enjoyment.
2. Demonstrates reading for a purpose.
3. Provides an adult demonstration of phrased fluent reading.
4. Develops a sense of story.
5. Develops knowledge of written language syntax.
6. Develops knowledge of how texts are structured.
7. Increases vocabulary
8. Expands linguistic repertoire.
9. Supports intertextual ties.
10. Creates a community of readers through enjoyment and shared knowledge.
11. Makes complex ideas available for children.
12. Promotes oral language development.
13. Establishes know text to use as a basis for writing and other activities through reading.


Best reading aloud books:

( get the list of books in the links)











I hope you find this list useful! And remember to recommend the list to your kid’s parents.


Thanks for reading!


Massiel C.


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