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Toddlers are capable of doing lots of things, usually at this stage they tend to show more interest in all the things you use the most and they try to do most of the things by themselves. Just remember that your two or three-year-old is still a baby and still needs supervision and your time.

Before starting to do, any educational activity with your toddler, remember these basic characteristics of this age group:

-Your two-year-old is learning about relationships. ‘No’ may be one of their favourite words.
-Temper tantrums are common in this age group.
-They may play with other children for a short time, but aren’t yet capable of true sharing.
-They find it hard to wait or make choices.
-They love to copy adults, in both appearance and behavior.
-They enjoy make-believe games.
-Your child is much more confident with their physical abilities but doesn’t have a good idea of when to stop. You can help them develop their skill by providing (safe) chances for them to play while you supervise.
-By the age of two, many children are naming lots of things and, by the end of this year, most are saying short sentences.
-By the age of three, most children can follow complex instructions.


So now that you know, some of your kids abilities we suggest simple activities that will require:

  • Individual attention whenever you can.
  • Conversations with your child and asking questions about what they are doing. (Show a real interest in them)
  • Toys for stacking, things for pulling apart, blocks, simple jigsaws, toy cars, animals, dolls and so on.
  • Encouragement  in their attempts to explore the world, but keep a firm eye on safety issues.


Here is a simple activity to be done with your SUPERVISION, using common kitchen tools:




1. (Preferably wooden) kitchen tools like spoons, forks and spatulas

2. Paper

3. Markers


photo 1


Trace all the objects

photo 2

Mix all utensils and let your kids match them with their traced form, guiding them first, so that they can practice their observation skills.

photo 3


Finally let them do it by themselves and remember to always have fun!

photo 4


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