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First of all, if you just got pregnant congratulations for this new adventure and blessing coming to your life! If you are planning to get pregnant this post is for you also.

This post is very personal for me. These are things that helped me arrive at my 6th month of pregnancy, with no morning sickness and, most importantly, without spending money like crazy. Bodies are different and react in a different way, don’t feel bad or with pressured if this not what you thought, just do your best and keep the recommendations that you feel are good for your journey, always with the supervision of your doctor.

Firstly, I have to say that my pregnancy was a surprise so I wasn’t ready, I was away from home with my husband waiting for some paperwork of his new job. So as you can imagine, I only had a vacation suitcase with me. Unexpectedly what we thought that only will take a month, took 5 months, so we stayed in our country waiting for those papers, PREGNANT much longer than we had planned. As you know ” necessity is the mother of inventions” I had to figure out how to survived a first and second trimester with the basic stuff that I had.  I hope you have AMAZON.  Amazon was my savior! I ordered cheap things that helped me through the crazy journey.



1. First of all, you found out you are pregnant, make a doctor appointment ASAP. Mother’s and grandmother’s advise are great, but in this case, a professional needs to run some tests at the beginning. In my case, I went  2 weeks after I found out, because I have a doctor at home and he just told me: “start drinking prenatal vitamins and folic acid, that’s all you need, for now, meanwhile we figure out the date for the appointment.




2. Your doctor will tell you about prenatal vitamins, buy the one that is suitable for you, They usually have the same amount of vitamins. Keep in mind you will drink this for more than 9 months, everyday. In the first trimester, folic acid is very important because it prevents neural tube defects in the baby. If you want to know more, here is a trustworthy MD source





3. Ok, so you went to the doctor, you got your vitamins, now what? Learn! Read and learn and try to understand how amazing your body is and how the baby will change in these first weeks. Since I wasn’t at home, I didn’t want to buy pregnancy books because I had some in my library in Massachusetts, so I thought it wasn’t worth it to spend money twice. Thank God these famous books have APPS!  and FREE! :D yes! These apps were my everything, I read and read everything that they posted and became a member of 2 of their Facebook support groups. Such a great idea because while you keep the pregnancy private, you can talk with other ladies and see that some things you are feeling are totally normal. These are my favorite:

a. BabyCenter

BabyCenter is very informative and helps you week by week with food recommendations, exercise tips and reminds you what to ask for your appointments.



b. What to expect

Similar to Baby Center, what I loved more about this app where their videos week by week explaining and showing the progress of your pregnancy. Also, the front page has a countdown and approximate size of your baby comparing it with food.




c. The Bump

Same as What to expect, but this one includes yoga prenatal videos and “forces you” to take pictures of your developing bump each week. Thanks to  this app I have pretty cute pictures week by week.




d. Ovia 

I love Ovia, everyday short informational details of how your baby is doing. Also, you can choose from fruits to objects or pastries, to show the size of the baby.

unnamed (1)Ovia-Pregnancy



4. Each body its different, so with the permission of your doctor, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water and exercise. Don’t overdo  it. I was very active before being pregnant, so for me was a must to keep exercising, slowly but constantly. Thanks to exercise the back pain you get the first weeks really diminished, and I was able to sleep better. Somedays you don’t feel like doing it, and that’s ok. Start at your own pace.

My schedule was 5 times in the week for 30-40 minutes: 10 minutes on a stationary bicycle, 10 minutes of elliptical, and 10 minutes walking really fast. Choose whatever you feel comfortable, but move if you are not at risk.

images713T5w4m9SL._SL1500_ bottled-water



5. Since I was away from home I had to use my vacation clothes and remember, with a belly growing. So I just postponed buying maternity clothes ( I don’t love it, anyway) and got these amazing inventions who were my salvation.


a. Belly band

There are many brands, but this was the one I got and worked! I used it for most of my clothes without showing extra skin of the growing belly.



b. Button pants extenders

Great invention for pants, this allowed you to use your same jeans for almost 5 months. I got this package that brings 5 buttons.



6. Lastly, one of the big concerns stretch marks. Again bodies are different and this is just something you can try with advice. I read in all the apps I got, that doing exercise, drinking plenty of water and moisturizing your skin could avoid the stretching of the skin. I bought the cheapest skin almond oil in the market, a bottle like 2 dollars in my country.  I used it daily after showering. Why after a shower? because when your skin is still wet, the oil will be absorbed faster. Why had almond oil? Almond and coconut are the best natural moisturizer in the market. I chose Almond because of how it smells. I still use the oil every time I feel my belly is itchy or dry. Never scratch your belly. Put the oil in the fridge if it’s necessary to relief the itchiness. Again there are different brands, so use one you feel comfortable with.So far it has worked perfectly.





And that’s it, that’s how I got until 6 months, be positive about your pregnancy, don’t believe everything people say its going to happen. Each body is unique and  you should enjoy this stage of your life with pure joy. After 6 months I started adding different things to my routine. This this I will share it in an upcoming post.



Thanks for reading,


Massiel Cabrera



Web support: Christian Castillo

Editing: Natalia Aybar




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