Dough recipe and benefits

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Playing with this material not only amuses and stimulates the creativity of children, but also improves their ability to concentrate , reassures and facilitates literacy processes exercising the fine motor skills while working constantly with their hands and fingers. These exercises help so when it comes, the time to start the process of literacy, children have a greater comfort level with pencils and making letters. Also, playing with dough  increases the children’s creativity  because it gives them freedom to do any kind of creation with a material that is nontoxic.

However, in children under three years , we recommend using homemade dough, which is much softer than the ones from the store and that’s why we made 4 different doughs using easy to find ingredients .


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First lets make the basic dough:


1.  Mix 2 cups of corn starch

photo 2


2. With 1 cup of your favorite hair conditioner (any cheap brand)

photo 3

3. After you have the basic dough, (divide in 4 parts) lets make the first special one:


1. Essential oil dough, perfect for a quiet moment:

Add a few drops of your favorite oil and thats it, a beautiful relaxing game.

photo 4


2. You can also add food coloring to have different color doughs.

photo 1

3. Let’s glam this dough with some glitter, kids love glitter (you have to be careful with their eyes)

photo 2

4. Mix all the colors and glitter to have sparkly rainbow dough.

photo 3

When you are done put it in a container and use it again and again!

photo 4

We hope you loved it!!

Massiel C.

Text: Massiel C.

Pictures: Massiel C.

Edition: Natalia Aybar

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