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I designed these activities thinking in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten level. These grades are important years of fundamental learning, when the printed word and number concepts are introduced. In these ages students usually are inquisitive and energetic; they’re developing their fine motor skills and tend to have a short attention span. They need procedures modeled for them and repeated many times, also step-by-step guidance.

So in this process of acquiring the basic skills, we need to remember that learning is a FUN thing.  Tell them that it’s OK to make mistakes and we don’t need to do everything perfectly, but we need to try and try again until we get how to do it.

This time we’re going to practice using my favorite recycle material: paper rolls. So many things you can do with this material. For this occasion we’ll focus on practicing:


-Numerical / number recognition.

-Fine motor skills

-Eye-hand coordination


The materials for this activity are:

-Paper rolls (as many as the numbers you want to work with)


-Printed tape (I used it just for decoration, so it’s optional)


-Foamy numbers (optional too, I did it because I wanted to reuse the paper rolls in other activities, but you can use markers as well)

photo 2 (1)



  1. Cover the paper rolls as you see in the picture.
  2. Put all the clothespins in a box or basket and align all the paper rolls ready to use.


Some variations depending on what you want to emphasize or what your kids need:


  1. Numerical order


a. Option 1:

Kids can write the number or place the number sticker in the paper roll from the lowest to the greatest.


b. Option 2:

You already did option one, so mix all the paper rolls, and make them align it in sequential order.



  1. Number recognition, fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination

-You say the number aloud and ask them: how many clothespins we need to add here? Allow them to place the clothespin. Give them as much time as they need; remember it’s a discovering mind’s age. After a few practices, let them to do it by themselves.


-This can also be a math game if you add dices. Make them roll the dices and add the clothespins in the number shown. This is a perfect game for a math center.



I hope this activity is easy to do, useful and meaningful in the learning process of your kids.


Massiel C.



Text: Massiel Cabrera

Edited & revised: Natalia Aybar & Jennifer Herrera

Web support: Christian Castillo (

Pictures: Coche

Production: Massiel Cabrera



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    Excellent learning activity, nice and fun!

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