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Yes, Dr. Seuss knows it!! And I think every parent or teacher looks forward to that moment, when their child begins to read. The most important thing you can do to help your children succeed in school and in life is to help them read. We can’t overemphasize enough the importance of reading.

In future posts we are going to give tips for parents at home and tips for teachers in school to improve those reading skills. But for now, let’s focus in reading as a task that adds further complexity to the brain, so with it you can strengthen brain connections that are already there and build new connections. Also, through reading, kids learn to develop their vocabulary by learning new words, expressions and the proper use of language. When a child reads, his brain translates descriptions in places, people, things, images, etc .. Just mentioning a few of the many benefits it has.

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In this first post for School age, we are going to focus in the beginner readers; this section has been organized by numbered levels, from Pre-level 1 to Level 4. Here are some definitions and guidelines that summarize each level to help you select books for your kids, from the author and children’s book specialist Kaylee N Davis:


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Also some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing books for beginner readers:


-       Find books that focus on concepts and topics of interest to your child.

-       In the very young levels, look for books with pictures that are cued to the text.

-       If you can find your child’s favorite picture book characters in the beginner readers section, they are great bridges to a first reading experience.

-       Find books that you enjoy, and don’t be afraid that your child isn’t ready; beginner readers especially at the younger levels, also make great read-aloud stories.

-       For an older reader, find high-interest subjects, especially nonfiction such as dinosaurs, dramatic weather, or historic events.


Something they’ll look forward to is going to the library to pic their favorite books. Make a reading corner, either in the classroom or house and have their favorite books in a basket. Step by step help them build a library.

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Theses are the first steps to enter a wonderful world as a reader, to make this experience more significant here are some free downloadable bookmarkers for the kids use. Thanks to






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  1. I cannot tell you how exectid I am about this. i have been stressing myself silly about how I was going to come up with all these cool ideas for our elf. I have been trailing Pinterest and am now even more stressed when I saw the extent that some people go to. Talk about pressure! I am so following your lead on this one. xx

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