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Discovery bottles are great for sensory play. These are cheap to make, long lasting and can easily be adapted to materials available at home. It’s suitable for babies and toddlers, it gives them lots of sights and sounds to explore, and they’re mess free too! 

The bottles are also good because they let you introduce things to your baby that you might not otherwise want them to play with. Things that are usually too small, or not safe for them to put in their mouths, can be explored if they’re safely enclosed in a bottle. Be sure that every tiny object is inside the bottle.
For these bottles, the items were chosen based on the sound that they create when shaken, for being bright and shiny or for the way they move in liquid; perfect for tiny developing senses to explore. So basically you’ll be working on sounds, textures and shapes.
These are the materials that we used; you can modify the materials to your preference. 
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    Materials: 1. Plastic bottles 2. Beads/beans/rice (anything that could sound) 3.Glue 4. Food coloring or paint 5. Ribbon ( very optional I used it for decorating the bottles) 6. Glitter 7. Pompoms/ Cotton balls


1. Beads bottle (adding water is optional) photo 2 2. Glitter bottle: To captivate them with the shiny pieces. photo 3     3. Pompom bottle ( you can use cotton balls too): soft sound and texture. photo 5   4. Color bottle ( use as many colors as you want to teach them): photo 4   Here the final result:  

I hope you find it useful!


Massiel C

Text: Massiel Cabrera

Pictures: Massiel Cabrera

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