The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s 45th Anniversary Celebration!

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We are opening our section of book recommendation with this beloved book:

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” from Eric Carle.

This year is the 45th anniversary of the book, and it is a must have in your library. This book is winner of many children’s literature awards and a major graphic design award, it has sold 30 million copies worldwide. This book is about a caterpillar who eats its way through a wide variety of foods before becoming and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. This book has been translated into at least 40 languages, including Dutch, French, Spanish, German,Chinese, Italian,Swedish, Russian, and Hebrew. It has been used by elementary school teachers, librarians, and parents, as a teaching aid, with activities developed which use the book.

Different types, sizes and versions you can find in your favorite book store. Also the variety of learning activities that you can do with this book are immense.

These activities that I’m going to suggest are very simple and with available materials. Children between the ages of 3-5  will enjoy it, they are going to work their fine motor skills and stimulate eye-hand coordination.

(Click the pictures to see the steps and the instructions)


Activity 1



Activity 2

Secondly, we loved these worksheets after reading the book, ready to print, and made by the Blooming Brilliant, she  designed these activities for her daughter.


Text: Massiel Cabrera

Edited and revised by: Natalia Aybar Nikitenko

Web support: Christian Castillo

Pictures: Massiel Cabrera


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