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I want to read to my baby, but how to start?

Some parents are so excited to introduce their kids to reading, But sometimes they think their kids are still little to take care of books or understand what’s going on.

Definitely, kids will get bored with the wrong books and procedures. Reading to babies and toddlers is fundamental to their developing senses: hearing your voice, touching and feeling the textures of the books, differentiating elements on the page and of course, with little ones, smelling and tasting the books, as the play with them. Don’t worry about ruining the books, babies and toddler’s books are made to survive all this, and to be used again and again.



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Here are some guidelines from the book expert Kaylee N. Davis when choosing a book for toddlers:

-Let children experience the physical book. These books are designed to be sturdy enough to take a beating and be wiped clean after a good chewing or being thrown onto the floor.

-Select sturdy books with rounded edges that are the right size for their little hands.

-Choose concepts that are simple, with clear text and bright graphics or photographs.

-Look for photographs that represent everyday objects in baby’s world and are easy to identify.

-Select books with simple, repetitive, or rhyming text and basic word/object identification.

-Find books that focus on basic skill building, such as shapes, colors, sizes, opposites, numbers or letters.

-Don’t forget cloth, vinyl/bath, touch-and-feel, and lift-the-flap books!

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This is an example of a classic toddler book with an innovative format ( Puppet style) Kids will love the rhymes presented here, charmingly illustrated, with those cheeky monkeys kissing mom good night and them bouncing on the bed… Definitely, a must have!


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Other books/ authors we recommend for this stage: DK baby board books, Karen Katz books series, Sandra Magsamen, Soft shapes books, My First Taggies, Chicka, Chicka ABC by Lois Ehlert and many more available in Barnes and Nobles, Amazon or your favorite book store.




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