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When starting a New Year and retaking classes it’s good to review the procedures and reset the tone of unity among peers. A simple and appropriate activity to do in the classroom is a time capsule. There are several ways to prepare a time capsule, children will get creative and excited by the idea that another group in the “future” could find it.

There is no recommended age for this activity; it is suitable from children to adults. I think my first capsule I made it with my friends in second grade and all of us put something, and the next one was when I was a teenager with some friends. No matter the age of the students, creating new memories is a fun way to be together and unite the group.


-Make a list, with your students of items that they think need to be remembered. Allow your students to participate in an active way explaining why they chose that object. Every student brings his or her contribution to the capsule with a note describing the object.

To make a time capsule:

-You need a container, it that can be anything from a shoebox to one of those plastic boxes used to store things in the house, an empty  can of paint, a glass container, in short anything that can contain the memories. You can decorate the box with magazines and clippings clocks and maps, simply place them on the outside and stick with white glue. Cover the top with another layer of glue and let it dry.


What to put in a time capsule ?

Here are some suggestions of things to put in the time capsule .

• Newspapers of the day.

• An almanac of this year.

• Photographs of children

• Child activity of that school year dated.

• A tape or CD with popular songs. If the capsule is to be stored for many years it is best to put a list of favorite songs with singer and author to later find them because the tape or CD may be damaged.

• Some of the favorite toys of the children.

• A letter to your future self.

• Your favorite book.

• Some jewel that you like.

• A vase or a plate decorated.

• Clothes from when you were small.

• A cap of your favorite sports team.

• Cards or album of collectible stamps.

• Some coins and bills.

• Lists of things you like, songs , books , food, clothes , TV , etc.

• Price lists of the most common things  people buy such as, bread, milk, etc. and the status of wages of the year in which you made the capsule.

• Receipts from the supermarket or the mall. At the end do not forget to seal to protect the environment and incidentally set the opening date for the future and paste it on the cover.

This is a fun activity for the whole family. I recommend storing about 10 years or 5 :D

Have fun!!

T. Massiel

Text: Massiel Cabrera

Picture: Internet

Text edit: Natalia Aybar

Web support: Christian Castillo

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