This website was created, with the purpose of sharing educational, playful, easy to follow ideas for kids, teachers and parents.  The ideas come from a variety of sources, methods, experiences and strategies used by different educators and by me, some in the classroom, some at home, just proving that learning happens everywhere and at any time.

On the other hand, some of the learning ideas may not apply to your classroom or home situation, considering the space, materials and any other resources involved, but we can always modify and look for what works best for the kids.

The categories start :

  1. From Baby to School Age: Trying to show simple ideas but full of learning, proper for their developmental age and meaningful for their lives.
  2. Teachers and Parents Ideas: This ideas ,might be helpful in the process of guiding the learners on this amazing road.
  3. Resources: Books list and reviews, favorite websites to check, free useful printables shared in the web and some suggested videos that might be useful.
  4. Specials: Here you can find easy and healthy recipes to do with the kids or for the family. Interviews with parents and educators sharing their experiences, struggles and foremost encouraging us on this amazing journey.

We hope, you feel inspired to do the activities we are going to share and even share yours with us too! We are all learning, falling down and getting up again.

I believe that education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living. I believe that the school must represent present life – life as real and vital to the child as that which he carries on in the home, in the neighborhood, or on the play-ground

John Dewey


Text: Massiel Cabrera

Edition: Raymi Royo

Pictures: Coche Productions

Location: Coche Studio

Web support: Christian Castillo

Production: Massiel Cabrera


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