Fun entertainment for your little guest in the Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy!



Awesome solar system freebie thanks to, I hope you enjoy it!

HundredsChartActivitiesNothingFancy-1 NatureWalkActivityFREEBIEWritingrecordingsheetforyourNatureWalk NumbersGalore-1 Blank-Faces2 grossmotorsinglepage

We are off to vacations, but first some freebies for your kids enjoyment. These freebies are useful to reinforce what they learned in class. Have a great summer! See you in a month! 




Here a few games that will help your kids in the process of learning how to observe. This process can be an exciting one to share with your child. We hope you like these cards thanks to



Here a few ideas for origami thanks to Mr.Printables, make sure to visit their page.

Ice Cream 1

Ice Cream 2

Ice Cream 3

Ice Cream 4

Ice Cream 5





calander_2015_Print Here is an useful reading activities calendar to do with your kids in this month. Creating the habit of reading is one of the best investments for life, enjoy thanks to the reading foundation.

Massiel C.

MyFirstColoringBook Continuing with the colorful post about matching the colors with the clothespin, Mr printables created this beautiful color book and I think no matter the age you should do it and your kids too. Its perfect for a day of color hunt. Also it works observation, and color awareness for the little ones. I hope you like it! Massiel C.
We cant say enough how important is to read. In the next weeks we are going to focus on reading skills, and for that reason here we have these beautiful bookplates, perfect to start your kids library. Brighten up your home library or classroom books with these colorful printable with cute animals and balloons. Thanks to, make sure to visit their page and read their recommendations. Massiel C.
Yess! we all love freebies and in this section, we are going to be sharing links from different blogs, showing their FREE educational/family printables ready to download. Make sure to visit their page and share it too! :) This time we are sharing these lovely lunch notes from: and I hope you like it! Happy friday! Massiel C.

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